Well, I spent the day yesterday working on my brother’s house. They’re just about ready to move in (next weekend) and things have been going pretty well. They bought their house two months ago and have been spending the last two months fixing it up. They put in central heating, ripped out the carpets, recarpeted and put in hardwood flooring, and fixed up and painted all the walls and ceilings. It took quite a while, and there are still a few touch-ups to be done, but most of the big stuff is done now. (Yesterday we finished off the hardwood floor for the kitchen and dining room.) Things go pretty quickly when everyone is helping out.

On Monday (tomorrow) we go to the polls to decide the next Prime Minister of Canada. Toronto is still seeing red (that’s Liberal in Canada), but the rest of the country seems to be moving towards blue (that’s the Conservatives). The last numbers, nation-wide, show the Conservatives with 37% support, the Liberals at 27%, the NDP at 18%, the Bloc Quebecois at 11%, and the Green Party at 6%. The Conservatives were up at 41% at one point, but the next day it shot down to 36% or so. Right now it’s looking like it will be another minority government, but probably Conservative this time.

Since the same-sex marriage issue is one of the issues at the forefront of the election (though some party leaders seem to wish it were not), here is a site that will give you an indication as to which candidates will vote in favour of the traditional definition of marriage (i.e. against the current, same-sex inclusive definition): Vote Marriage, Canada!

Please pray for our country as we prepare to vote in this upcoming election.