Well, I think that by now it is safe to say that the new government of Canada will be a Conservative minority government led by Mr. Steven Harper. Of the 308 seats, there are, at the moment about 22 seats that have not completely been decided yet (statistically, at least). 154 seats would have to be won to support a majority government, and given the 117 seats that the Conservatives currently have, they could only achieve 139 at most (projected is 123).

Not unlike the US, the major support for the official opposition (the Liberals) came from the big cities, most notibly Toronto and Vancouver, while the major support for the Conservatives has been the rural communities. Since it’s about midnight I think it’s almost time to call it a night and see what happens in the morning, so I’ll wait until the next refresh point and then go to bed. There’s been a little bit of talk about Paul Martin trying to make a deal with the NDP to stay in power, but I don’t think that that idea is very feasible. For one thing, even with the NDP they wouldn’t form a majority, and for another, I doubt that very many in this country would actually accept that situation. (It won’t happen anyway; Paul Martin has now just made his address and congratulated Mr. Harper on his victory.)

Though I’m not entirely happy with the result, I am at least happy that the Liberals are gone, and it should be an interesting parliament with the numbers that we currently have: Conservatives: 124 seats (119 elected, so far) Liberals: 103 seats (100 elected, so far) Bloc Quebecois: 51 seats (49 elected, so far) New Democratic Party: 29 seats (28 elected, so far) Independant: 1 seat (1 elected so far) As for the major issues: I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. It will be difficult for any piece of controversial legislation to pass with the numbers we are seeing, so it will depend, in part, on the views of the individuals elected.

May God be with us in the coming months and years. Donatello