It’s nice to have the weekend come. The calm before the storm, if you will. This week has not been fun, and I can’t imagine next week being much fun either, but these things come and go, I suppose. The rest of the month will be better, I’m sure. Right now it’s time to relax a bit.

On a more important, and more positive note, on Wednesday, my brother and his wife announced that Daniella (my brother’s wife) is pregnant. Having just bought a house last week, it was kind of expected that they would be thinking about having a child some time soon, but this was a bit sooner than expected. I had thought, for a while, that the pattern of marriage, house, child, might continue as it started out, but that hasn’t exactly happened. My brother Doug got married first, Chris second, Phil third, and I last (Matthew isn’t married yet). I bought a house first, Phil second, Chris third, and Doug hasn’t yet. And then I had a son first (about two months after we moved in to our house), so we sort of expected Phil and Leah to be next, and then Chris and Daniella, but it doesn’t really matter, of course. We are happy for them, and wish them God’s blessings.