If you haven’t noticed yet, I can tend to go off on tangents here and there in this journal. Usually, its whatever is currently in my field of view that I’ll post on. Sometimes if I’ve gotten enough material written on a particular subject, I’ll just start doing a few posts on the subject. Either way, if it’s in one of the main categories that I’ve been posting about, I’ll probably get back to it sooner or later at some point.

This specific one is related to the responses I’ve been posting to OceansAfire. I’ve got about seven posts lined up on this subject, and I’ll probably have more before I finish posting them. Since these posts are mathematical in nature I’ll have to post the majority of them through PDF files.

What’s the topic? A little bit of mathematical analysis of the concept of Natural Selection along with a few concepts relating to genome fitness. Let’s just call it a supplementary to the responses I’ve been posting.

The first topic is Populations and Probabilities.