Well, this week it was moving my brother, rather than my sister-in-law. Things went a little more smoothly during this move, however. My brother rented a large truck for move and he had about ten people helping him out. We started the move at around 9:30 and had him and his wife all moved in before 12:00. Everything was packed the day before into managable boxes, so it was pretty easy. I can’t say I’ve ever been involved in a move that went so quickly.

This was the first time I’ve seen their new house, so it was nice to look around. It’s a pretty nice house. Detatched, a bit of lawn space (though not a whole lot), nice layout, and plenty of space. It’s about two years old, so they won’t have many problems with it for a while. It would have been a little nicer if it was a little closer, but it’s still not too far away.