It is all over the news today, as predicted (and, obviously, planned, given the date). “The Gospel of Judas Contradicts Christian Belief!” “Judas was Doing Jesus’ Will!” “Christianity Shaken!” Blah, blah, blah. When you get your historical and theological information from Katie Couric on the Today Show, well, you’ll buy anything.

When I was responding to Bart Ehrman’s media blitz on his book, Misquoting Jesus, I repeatedly emphasized the need for every-day Christians to start studying these sources so as to be able to provide a meaningful response in an ever more anti-Christian context in Western Society. Well, here’s another example. For those who have already realized Bart Ehrman’s “if they said Jesus once, they were Christians” mythology makes no sense, this is another second century gnostic writing, like Thomas or Mary. Judas was one of the favorites of the gnostics; this gospel is gnostic to its core; gnosticism is utterly incompatible with anything that can seriously be called “Christian.” End of story. Explain to the guy on the bus who just saw the Today interview (which had zero meaningful content). Go on with your daily service to Christ.

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