This one won’t be on the feed for a little while…

Well, here I am before work, with a tiny fraction of time before I should actually start doing something, so I figured I’d write a short post. Things have been going well the past week or so. I’ve posted a fair amount, but I’ll slow down over this weekend as my family and I visit my wife’s father for Easter. William is now in a toddler bed, which we thought might be a bit of an issue, but so far he hasn’t climbed out until we’ve opened the door, so there’s not too much of a mess to clean up – for now at least. We need to get him ready to sleep in a real bed some time, and he’s still young enough that he can’t open the door of his bedroom by himself yet, so we figured we’d try it out. So far, so good.

Other than that, not much is new. My brothers, parents and I will be going to a Blue Jays game some time near the end of May, which should be fun. Apparently they have a decent team this year, unlike the past… many. It sort of all went downhill after they won their second World Series. We’ll see how well it goes this year.

I’m also going to a game with Mathew (co-worker) and a couple of guys from another company on May the 2nd, so that should be fun too. The Leafs won last night in a good game, apparently, but it was on Leafs TV, so I couldn’t watch it. They have little chance of making the playoffs, so I guess I’ll be watching Calgary for the playoffs. Well, got to get to work – later!