Yes, it’s been slow the past week. Perhaps a bit due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling entirely great for the last half of the week. Allergy season is here now, so Birch, Oak, and Maple are bothering my sinuses. On Wednesday night I watched Calgary lose their playoff bid before I worked out at about 10:00. At about 11:00 I took a shower and got ready for bed. By the time 2:30 rolled around, I still couldn’t get to sleep, so I took my pillow downstairs and took the plastic cover that was bothering me out from under my pillowcase. I fell asleep probably around 3:00 to 3:30, only to wake up again at 5:45. The whole day at work on Thursday I was wishing I was in bed.

Finally at about 4:00 I decided that I had better go home (or else I would fall over), so I went to Alex and told him I was way too tired and was about to leave. Alex told me I should have left earlier, but now was better than never. I was home by about 6:00, ate supper (I hadn’t really eaten since the night before because I couldn’t hold anything down), then went to bed at 7:00. I fell asleep at around 7:15 for about 10 1/2 hours. Friday I didn’t feel great, but I felt better. My muscles were now finally feeling the pain invoked by Wednesday night’s workout session. Perhaps I’d overslept, but I wouldn’t have wanted to undersleep again.

The day at work went fine. I came home and went to bed early again (9:00 or so) and got some good sleep for Saturday. Yesterday’s work consisted of: a bit of work on the floor upstairs; filling some of the holes that have developed in our lawn last year by some type of critter; going to the store to get some supplies, and installing our natural gas BBQ; fixing the clothes line that had fallen off the wheel; and digging up some of the ground to get to the access holes for the septic system. All in all, it was a fairly productive day. Greg came over and helped with most of it, and my father came over to make sure we were installing the piping for the natural gas properly. Now I’m here and I’ve got plenty of time, so perhaps I’ll be able to write a few posts or so…