TORONTO, May 31, 2006 ( – A new biography of the late former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre E. Trudeau has made a splash in Canada’s normally staid publishing world. The book, titled “Young Trudeau: Son of Quebec, Father of Canada, 1919-1944,” shows a side to Trudeau that would have been unlikely to come to light under a Liberal or even Progressive Conservative party government.

The new bio, to be officially released tomorrow, depicts Trudeau not in the usual iconographic way as the sacrosanct icon of the progressive new Canada but as an anti-Semitic admirer of Hitler and Mussolini who openly called for a revolution against McKenzie King’s government and pined for an independent and French-only Quebec.

Paul Tuns said, “Ask yourself about the assumptions we make that have allowed Canadians to be manipulated. Why is it unCanadian to oppose the social changes of the last 40 years, but not unCanadian for Trudeau to have undone three centuries of social, cultural and political tradition?”

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