Well, I didn’t do a whole lot today except go to church (the sermon was on Genesis 15, with references to Genesis 11 and 12), and watch the World Cup with my family. It’s not that I’m the hugest soccer/football fan in the world, but I find the World Cup interesting nonetheless. I have to cheer for the Netherlands, not because I like the country so much (I’m not at all thrilled with their liberalism as of late), but because that’s where both my parents were born, and Canada doesn’t make the World Cup, so I can’t cheer for them. Anyway, the Netherlands won their game 1-0. I only got to watch the first half, before church, but I got to see the goal anyway. After church we practiced a bit of baseball and just talked in general. (We lost on Wednesday again, 40-20. I went 5 for 7, feilding was okay. We only had eight players show up that game.) On Saturday we tore down a bunch of drywall and took out some “wool” insulation. Dirty job, but we got it done fairly quickly. Now all we have to do is figure out what to do with the garbage bags… I’ll try to post something tonight, or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have left tonight (probably not a whole lot). Either way, have a great night, and a great week!