A little review…

Let’s see if I can piece together a few posts here, and see what comes of it. In January, I wrote:

My wife and son were away in Florida for a week and returned a week ago today. For this reason, I was able to throw a few posts into my blog that I may not have had time for otherwise. Now that she and William are back, I’ve had almost no time at all. It’s not so much that I’m just busy in general (which is true most of the time), but she’s been sick pretty much the whole week, so that just means that I have even more to do. Just trying to get her to eat when she feels nauseous can be tough enough, but the doctor gave her some medication, so she seems to be feeling a bit better now.

Later on, in February, I wrote:

Symba bit Alana yesterday and she seems to have gotten a bit of an infection on her finger, so she went to the doctor today to have it checked out. The doctor wanted to prescribe a certain antibiotic to her, but she’s allergic to that one, so she had to get a different one instead. She’s also been prescribed some sort of topical ointment. The doctor was a bit worried that it might spread down her hand and arm if this didn’t work, so Alana has to keep an eye on it to make sure it goes away. This isn’t great for more than one reason, but I’ll have to write about that a little later. As it is, we will have to pray that God grants her healing and that the infection doesn’t get too bad. We haven’t completely decided what to do with the dog yet.

More recently, in May, I wrote:

It seems like one long day since Tuesday morning. Not a whole lot of sleep, not a whole lot of rest. Sure, I’ve been in bed for over 24 hours since then, but I haven’t slept much of that, maybe 12 if I was lucky. Perhaps its just a primer for August, but either way, it’s not enjoyable – especially not at work. But, I’ll plug through it anyway.

Now, I know that none of these posts were especially revealing, but I was giving out a few hints that no one quite put together (at least no one has mentioned anything about it). I feel that, since August is rolling around fairly soon, I should probably get around to writing about a topic that I’ve been merely hinting at for the past five months.

Now, when I posted in January, my wife was about a month and a half pregnant. I mentioned only that she was sick for several reasons. First, if anyone were to catch on in whom I could confide (i.e. non-family), I might be able to tell them straight out. Second, my wife did not want anyone in my family to know about it until either one of my sister-in-laws had announced that they were pregnant, or until her figure would make it obvious to everyone. (She doesn’t like to get too much attention.) Third, my wife and I had always had a general agreement that we would never tell anyone that she was pregnant until she was at least three months in.

In February, as you can see if you wish to investigate, my brother Chris announced that his wife was pregnant. A few weeks later we told my family, but I still hadn’t mentioned it on my blog until now, (not had I mentioned it at work until I had to take time off for the ultrasound). One of the reasons for this is that I had just put it off for too long in general – but then, eventually I knew I’d have to post about it sometime. There are other reasons for putting things off a bit, but I may not get into all of that right now.

Not long after we told my family Alana started having severe pains and went to the hospital to see what was wrong. It was the middle of the week, after work, so I drove her to the hospital and stayed for a while until William got too cranky and loud to keep in the waiting room. So I went home, put William to bed, and prayed. A few hours later, after 12:00 Alana called me up to pick her up. So I got William back up, put him in the car seat, and picked her up from the hospital. She told me that the doctors had done an ultrasound and several other tests to see what was the problem, and concluded that the part of the lining of the uterus had pulled away, but that it had stopped and it would probably no longer be a problem. This had me a bit worried, of course, but I was thankful to hear that it probably wouldn’t get any worse.

A while after this (about 20 weeks in) Alana was scheduled to have an ultrasound, so I told work, and took the day off. We got to the ultrasound place and found out that whoever had scheduled the appointment had scheduled the wrong type, and since this type would take an extra fifteen minutes, they wouldn’t be able to fit us in and would have to reschedule. I was not impressed, of course, given that I had taken the entire day off of work to be there, but there was very little that I would be able to do. So we rescheduled and rescheduled again at another place (Alana didn’t want to go back to the same place again), and waited, and waited again. The Wednesday before the Monday appointment, Alana got a call from this place, saying that work was being done at that office on that Monday, so they couldn’t do it on the Monday. On the other hand, they were able to fit her in that day (i.e. the day of the call), so she got it done that day. Everything came back normal, and the ultrasound revealed that it will be a girl (though we can’t be 100% certain from a single ultrasound, of course).

When May rolled around, Alana started to have trouble sleeping, and this caused me to lose quite a bit of sleep as well. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that she had restless legs syndrome, which is not uncommon during pregnancy. After several nights of non-sleep, I asked her what the biggest impediment to sleeping was at the time, and she told me that it was the RLS. So that night I did a bit of research on the computer to see if there was anything that we could do. Most places mentioned only that you could use Opioids in severe cases in the third trimester, but Opium-like drugs are not exactly what I wanted to read about. Eventually I found a website that mentioned something about iron and/or magnesium deficiencies being a possible cause, so I printed out the article and gave it to Alana, who had an appointment the next day with a homeopathic doctor. The doctor agreed with the article and had Alana take tissues salts for calcium and iron. That night she (and I) finally got a good nights’ sleep.

In the past month, Alana has been getting Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) again, as she had had when she was pregnant with William. She started getting itchy several weeks ago, so she went to her doctor to get some blood tests to confirm that she had it again. A couple of weeks ago, the doctor confirmed that it had in fact come back for this pregnancy, and prescribed her Ursodiol again. The doctor prescribed 500mg twice daily (in 250mg pills), but she took 250mg twice daily to start to see if it would be effective enough, since that was what she had taken last time. Since it wasn’t working, she started taking 500mg twice daily last Sunday morning. About 20 minutes after she had taken the medication, her arms started feeling numb, so we went to the hospital to get her checked out (not exactly the most fun thing to have to do on Father’s Day). They did a bunch of tests and concluded that there were no neurological issues, and she was not having an allergic reaction. The baby was fine, and she was fine as well, though her iron levels were still too low. They prescribed her some iron supplements and she came home. Since then her itching has mainly stopped and her arms are feeling back to normal.

So after all this, she is taking a handful of pills and supplements every day, but she is feeling pretty well. The doctor signed her sick leave form (since she will have to go to the hospital for tests several times each week with her conditions), so she is now on sick leave and will be until she gives birth. Her primary care has been transferred from her midwives to Dr. Watt, but her midwives will still be present for the delivery. Her due date is somewhere near the mid to end of August, but since she has ICP again, the doctors will make sure she has the baby two to three weeks early, so it will be somewhere closer to the beginning of August.

Well, it’s getting pretty late, and I still have to get the dishes done, so I’ll have to get going. I’ll keep you updated here from now on. Until next time…