Well, a few things to talk about for a minute before work. First, it was my birthday on Wednesday (June 28th). Alana bought me a programmable thermostat for the furnace (which I’ve been bugging her for for a while). My parents brought me to Dairy Queen for some ice cream, and although they were a day late (they thought my birthday was yesterday for some reason), my co-workers at work surprised me with a Leafs jersey (Sundin). All of these I am thankful for, as I had certainly not expected much of it, and it was more than I could have asked for. On to sports… The Netherlands are out of the World Cup, following a game that I can only describe as ridiculous, but at least it was interesting. Now I can only root for England as my wife is half English, half Irish. In baseball, our team has rallied from it’s 15-13 win of a couple of weeks ago, to improve its losing record in the past couple of weeks. On the 20th we lost 45 to 15, and on the 26th we lost 17 to 7. After those two games I am no longer under the delusional idea that our team might be improving, but we’ve had at least some fun. I got to make a couple of nice diving catches in the last game, and although my batting average faltered a bit (five for ten in the last two games), it’s still okay. Our next game is July 4th. That’s about it, it’s almost 8:30, so I’ve got to get to work. Have a great rest of the week, I’ll post something(s) on the weekend.