Yesterday was William’s birthday, but we celebrated it today, since the Moorfield tournament was yesterday. He’s two years old now and this time he was able to open his birthday presents without too much help. Of course, he was content just to look at the nice boxes, but once we started them out for him, he got the point and started opening them. He had already received most of his presents beforehand last weekend during the baby shower for Alana, so there wasn’t a whole lot today. Today he got a sandbox toy set with shovels and various dump trucks, excavators, etc. Most of the other presents were simply money to buy him some clothes. His first day of age two was marked by a lot of fussing, but that may simply be because Alana and he did not go to Moorefield with the team (Alana didn’t want to drive that far in her eighth month), and I wasn’t home at the usual 6:00 or so to play with him.

The Moorfield tournament went about as well as it usually goes. This year the Springdale CRC didn’t have a team, Holland Marsh CRC had its usual team, and our team (with players from both churches) changed our name to the Muckstorm. This is basically a lob-ball tournament for which the proceeds go to the local Christian school near Moorfield. The Holland Marsh team did fairly well – winning the first two games (during which we were able to watch and cheer them on for the last half) and lost the third game in a relatively close match.

Our team got mercied the first game in the fifth inning 20-5 (after the fifth inning, if one team is down by 14 or more, the game is called). Our fielding was okay, but our hitting was horrible. The second game was a little closer. We lost 14-6, with slightly better fielding, but still horrible batting. In the last game, we picked it up a little bit and ended up winning 10-9 at home. Our fielding was fairly good in the last game, and our hitting picked up a bit. Given that our team, unlike most of the other teams there doesn’t play as a team in a lob-ball league every week, and that our team doesn’t get much of a chance to play as a team, we did about as well as we could expect. Next year we’ll do a bit more practice, hopefully, and hopefully our hitting will improve (hitting lob-ball is quite a bit different from three-pitch.)