TORONTO, July 19, 2006 ( – The women’s rights organization, REAL Women of Canada, has filed a formal complaint against Ontario Chief Justice Roy McMurtry with the Canadian Judicial Council, alleging judicial misconduct. McMurtry was the judge who issued a ruling in 2003 on the Halpern case that effectively ended the traditional definition of marriage in Canada.

McMurtry’s son, James, revealed in a letter to the editor of a BC newspaper that his sister is a lesbian in a live-in relationship with another woman. This, says REAL Women, creates a serious concern that “McMurtry had a personal and familial interest” in the Halpern case, “which seriously impaired his objectivity and his ability to adjudicate the case.”

The Halpern decision essentially legalized same sex “marriage” in Canada, ruling that the traditional definition of marriage violates the constitutional equality rights of homosexuals. After this the federal government ceased to appeal the various decisions coming forward from provincial courts in favour of same-sex “marriage” across Canada.

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