As my wife lies in bed, resting, perhaps sleeping, I have a little bit of time to compose some thoughts. The weeks ahead will be no less busy than the past few – in all expectation they will be much more busy, but in some ways, of course, more rewarding.

Alana is currently four weeks from her due date. Given her cholestasis, this means that she is up to two weeks away from being induced. She regularly visits her doctors for checkups on her liver enzyme levels, for ultrasounds, and for non-stress tests for the baby, so she has a pretty good idea of how things are going. For the baby, things are going fairly well – she’s healthy, about 6 pounds, and moving into position for the birthing. For Alana, things are going less well, but without major concerns – her liver enzymes are up, so she’s very itchy and gets little sleep, but they are not so high as to be of major concern to her health or to the baby’s health.

All this brings with it a certain amount of stress. I am not too concerned about the health of our daughter (in utero), given that all tests are positive and the doctors do not seem to be worried about her health at all. For Alana there is a bit of stress, since she does not get much sleep and is constantly itching. Apart from that, her iron levels are a bit lower than they should be, and the amount of tearing that occurred while she was giving birth to William, coupled with her loss of a liter of blood at that time, brings with it a certain amount of concern for her health. The answer to this is prayer: both for her sanity, and for her well-being.

On the other hand, things are not quite ready for the new arrival yet, and they probably will not be ready in time. My brother Chris came over yesterday to help us work on her room. We got all of the (rest of the) strapping done, and put up the insulation and the vapor barrier, but we did not get to put any drywall on yet (much less the plastering, painting, or flooring). It will certainly be a busy two weeks if we are to have any hope in getting this done on time, but either way, we will simply have to make room.

I wonder how different it will be to raise a daughter than it is to raise a son. I’ve had four brothers and no sisters, so this will be quite new for me. For Alana it will probably be easier than William is, given that she has two sisters and no brothers. With William, everything is all cars and trucks, and bayz-balls and kick-the-balls, but I have a feeling that a daughter will have more interest in tea-time and dolls. Not that William hasn’t played tea-time before, but it is nowhere near his focus; nor do I expect a daughter to abhor baseballs and soccer balls, but I’m sure there will be differences…

Anyway, Will is up now, and has started terrorizing the room, so I’d better finish off and make sure he doesn’t break anything or hurt himself. And maybe I should make sure the recipe cards he’s playing with do not continue to be strewn about when Alana wakes up. This will keep him busy for a bit:

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Have a great week!