Dolphins are dumber than goldfish.

In fact, the brains of the adorable mammals of the deep are so poorly organised, they don’t have the intelligence to jump out of enclosures – unlike goldfish.

Research by Wits University Professor Paul Manger shows that the dolphin is dumb. Its brain may be large, but only so that it can generate heat to keep warm.

Manger, a neuro-ethologist at the university’s school of anatomical sciences, published his controversial seven-year research in the Cambridge Philosophical Society journal in March. He will present his findings at Wits’ Health Sciences Research Day on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Manger said the misunderstanding about the dolphin’s intelligence was because people equated the size of its brain with high intelligence.

He said it had been proved that a dolphin’s brain was a poor processor of information.

“The problem is people assumed all brains are organised the same way, and they are not. The dolphin’s brain is poorly organised.”

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