Worked on the room on Saturday. That took a bit of time, but it’s starting to get there. I got the taping finished, so now we can move on to sanding, plastering, sanding, and plastering before painting.

Most of the weekend I felt rather sick. Very tired with a headache and some nausia. I probably got what William had throughout the week. Last Sunday he woke up at 10:00 and stayed up until 12:00 throwing up. Since Alana can’t handle being around someone who’s throwing up without doing so herself, I got the honour of helping him out and on his way to the washroom. Messy business…

I haven’t had too much time to write a whole lot lately. I did get a chance to work on a computer program for a while. I’ll post on it sometime soon, though it’s not important, I just thought it would be a fun little programming project, mostly. It’s about time to start work, so this is it for now. Later.