Sept 4, 2006 (ID the Future) – Evolution is supposed to occur by altering the DNA of populations to the point that new species are created. Therefore the finding that our DNA is about 99% the same as the chimps was proof-positive for evolutionists that the chimp is our closest relative. No wonder I like bananas so much. In fact, not only did we evolve from chimps, but according to evolutionists we are so much alike that it must follow that chimps are more like humans than they are like gorillas. As evolutionist Morris Goodman sees it, humans appear to be only slightly remodeled chimpanzee-like apes. I never would have thought of that. Now I see why they say evolution is crucial to good science.

One might think that a reading of 99% similarity on the DNA meter would be cause to question the meter. After all, I can’t eat nearly as many bananas as a chimp can; certainly not 99%. And there are plenty of other ways to gauge the difference between the human and the chimp besides how many bananas I can eat. These other measuring sticks also reveal less similarity between the human and chimp than 99%.

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