I’ll have to update my RSS feed sometime soon. Sorry I haven’t been able to post much lately. I’ve been working on something, but I’d like to get it done before I start posting (otherwise I might never get it done ;-)). Anyway, there is one thing I’d like to post soon, not entirely related to what I’m working on. Something I’ve come accross concerning Fisher (the evolutionist mathematician, who’s book I’d love to get some time, but is too expensive to purchase at the moment, as most textbooks tend to be). That will probably be my next post, unless something interesting pops up.

The weekend was very busy. Spent most of the time either mowing the lawn (which hadn’t been mowed in three weeks, and since it’s about a half acre, it took quite a while), and raking up the clippings afterwards. The rest of the time on Saturday was spent weatherstripping the back door, which was also quite a task, since the previous setup was less than optimal. Looks nice and works well now, though, so that’s all good. Sunday was a little more relaxing, of course. Church and visits with my brothers and parents at my parents house took up most of the day, the rest was napping and eating. All in all, a good weekend. Next Saturday I’ll be helping my brother reshingle his garage, so that should be fun too.

Anyway, it’s 8:30, so I’d better get to work. Have a great week!