OTTAWA, September 26, 2006 ( – The budgets of some of the most wasteful and at the same time biased Canadian government funded programs have been slashed by the new Conservative Government. Three organizations which have been overtly pushing for same-sex marriage have been denied millions of tax-dollars they have been receiving for years under the previous Liberal government.

In an announcement of over two billion dollars in reduction of waste spending, the Conservative Government has included five million dollars in “administrative reductions to Status of Women Canada”, a $5.6 million dollar saving in eliminating the Court Challenges Program, and another $4.2 million dollars in cuts to the Law Commission of Canada. has reported frequently about the abuses of these three organizations. The Court Challenges Program has been the engine with which homosexual activists altered laws in Canada on marriage. (see coverage). The Law Commission of Canada also endorsed same sex marriage in 2002 (see coverage). and even suggested that the legal privileges of all marriage should be eliminated. Status of Women Canada, has pushed both abortion and same-sex marriage (see coverage).

Thousands of Canadians have raised their concerns to their Members of Parliament regarding the waste of taxpayer dollars funding these totally one-sided and ideological organizations.

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