I was supposed to help my brother shingle his roof today, but yesterday he phoned and told Alana that he had some time off during the week and he and someone else had already done it. So I have a little bit of time today, which will probably go into installing the digital thermostat (it’s starting to get cold now – near freezing last night), and to fix the leak we seem to be having in the new bathroom. All that, apart from the baby’s room, which we still haven’t finished (her crib is in our bedroom right now).

William has become obsessed with Spiderman. Not that that is such a horrible thing. Of all the comic book character’s Spiderman is probably the best one I can think of for children to like. Apparently he watched the first movie twice yesterday, and then the second one afterwards. I gave him one of my old comic books (a “Spectacular Spiderman”, not the better “Amazing Spiderman”) to make him happy. He seems to enjoy it. I wonder how long this obsession will last as he obviously can’t read yet (being only two). It’s kinda cute, though, listening him run around singing the beginning of the theme song to the old TV show… “pi-ner-man… pi-ner-man…”.

Anyway. I will post what I’ve promised a little while back today. The car is being repared today, so I’ll have to wait for a phone call before I can post it (dial-up isn’t so wonderful – I wish we could get high-speed – but that’s what you get for living out in the country down a sideroad). Right now I’ll be content with just updating the RSS feed, which has lagged a bit lately. I’ll be back later…