OTTAWA, October 3, 2006 ( – The Liberal Party of Canada has put out a “reality check” to Canadian media highlighting the appointment of Conservative MP Darrel Reid as Chief of Staff to Environment Minister Rona Ambrose. Liberal Leader Bill Graham called Reid’s appointment an “affront to our democracy.”

Following in the “scary” Christian theme, made famous in the Liberal Party attacks on former Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day, the Party’s ‘reality check’ noted that “Reid was Canadian president of the U.S. based social conservative group Focus on the Family.”

Andre Fortin, the press secretary the office of Liberal Party Leader Bill Graham, told that “A number of positions Mr. Reid’s taken in the past he’s made comments about Quebec, about gays and lesbians, about the Muslim world, all these things we’re concerned about.”

One of Reid’s quotes the Liberal Party highlighted in the list of quotes referred to by Fortin of concern to the Liberal Party was the following: “Only God can make Canada a truly Christian country… Christians are called to be faithful where God places them. We are called to speak biblical truth to seek justice – and that obviously has implications for our political life.”

Asked what was objectionable about the quote Fortin evaded the question…

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