Well, it’s been a week or so since I’ve written last, so I may as well make this entry off topic, right? Why not?

I’ve always been a huge hockey fan, and more specifically a huge Leafs fan. I don’t really follow any other sport closely at all, just a bit of baseball here and there, and I can’t even watch many hockey games right now anyway, (given that we don’t have the sports package for our satellite TV). However, most Saturday night Leafs games are played on CBC, (which is a publicly funded station,) so I did get to watch the game last night.

The Leafs were playing the Calgary Flames, and the captain, Mats Sundin, was in the lineup as usual. During the first period, Sundin scored one goal on the powerplay and then got one assist on the next goal as well. In the second period, Calgary came back with three of their own goals to take the lead before Toronto regained it with two more – one from Steen and another from Sundin. Coming into the third period, the Leafs were up 4-3, and held the lead until there were about seven minutes remaining, when Langkow converted on a pass from Jerome Igninla to tie it up again. With 20 seconds left in the game, Tucker took a penalty for the Leafs (on a questionable call), so they went into overtime short-handed for the first minute and a half. About one minute into overtime, Sundin got a break and hammered the puck past Kiprusoff to complete the hat trick and win the game. It was the 500th goal of Sundin’s career and one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play.

I’m just glad the jersey I got for my birthday has the number 13 on it, and not the number 28…