Well, time isn’t on your side when you have a newborn, so I haven’t had a lot to write in the past month or so. At least during the first month I had two weeks off, so I could spend a little time on the blog, but now not so much. The upside of daylight savings time, though, is that now I have an hour to get things a little up-to-date.

I’ve updated the RSS feed, which had been sitting there for about a month without any changes. I’d made a few posts since then, so now they’re all there.

Work has been busy and it will probably be so for a while. Of course, I’d rather be busy at work than not, so at least I’m not at all bored. Looks like we’re moving some time soon, however, and that will be a bit of a pain. It will mean a shorter drive, probably, but it will mean that I will have to drive it, rather than take the bus and the subway as I am now. I kind of like having a bit of time to read, talk, or at least rest before work, but perhaps this will mean I can work on my singing again šŸ™‚

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ll write something later on in the day. To everyone: Have a great day!