Well, the weekend is almost over and the week is about to begin. I’d love to write a few more posts on this blog, but I don’t have the time at the moment. I’ll work on a few on the bus ride, but it may take a while.

A few things to mention about the weekend. Yesterday my mother called to inform me that my grandmother on my father’s side passed away in the morning. She had been sick with fluid in her lungs for the past week, so it wasn’t too much of a suprise that the Lord had brought her home. The funeral will be held on Tuesday at 2:00 pm at our church, so I’ll inform work tomorrow that I’ll have to leave after 12:00; of course, I don’t see them having a problem with that.

Not too long after my mother called, William found an eyedropper bottle with scented oil for the lamps in one of the drawers beneath the lamp. He decided to find out what it tasted like, and quickly learnt that it was more potent than he would have liked. He immediately began wailing away and I had to rush him to the hospital. Not exactly what you want to have to experience right after learning that your grandmother had died.

By the time we got to the hospital, William was no longer screaming, and he was quite a bit more calm, so that was reassuring. The doctors took some blood work to check for alcohol levels, etc., and after a fairly long wait they cleared him without too much problems. The oil was probably the only thing we had forgotten, but I guess little ones are good at finding things that you’ve forgotten about. It’s thrown out now, and William is feeling better.