Well, throughout the day I had appointments at Toronto General Hospital. Since it is only a few blocks from work, I came and went as required. They did an EKG and an ECG as well as a general physical and consultation. I won’t bore anyone with the details, but basically, my heart murmur is at about where it was a little over three years ago when I had the last tests done. That’s both good, and expected, so not a whole lot to worry about there.

They were slightly concerned with the heart palpitations I’ve been having on and off for the past couple of years – since being as young as I am, I’m able to take a bit more without it affecting how I feel as much – so they aren’t entirely sure if it is a problem or not. At any rate, at the end of the month they want to fit me with a monitor for a day or two to do a longer test on my heart regularity. I somewhat doubt that they will find anything, since most of the times I get them are when I’m under a lot of stress, and when I’m being tested I’m much less likely to be stressed out, but we’ll see…

The week is certainly flying by.