It’s cold, and it sounds like you’re in a room full of jumbo jets racing around. The sound sure travels well in that building. Now I’m tired…

Today my father, two of my brothers and I played in our first curling tournament (i.e. bonspiel). It was a charity tournament for a serve project trip for some of our church members for Guatemala. None of us had ever curled before, so it was interesting to get a chance to try it out. I’ve seen plenty of curling games on TV, so I knew the rules, and I had an idea of some of the possible strategies, but it’s a different thing when you’re on the ice. We did quite well in the first game, winning by one point, and not too badly in the second game (we lost by a bit, but could have won it with the hammer on the last end). The third game we played on heavy ice, and some of us couldn’t compensate that well for the slowness. All in all, though, it wasn’t bad for a first crack at it (I think I played fairly decently throughout, though like anyone who’s learning, I did have a few bad throws). So we went one and two in the end.

On the other side of the spectrum, my brother Doug’s team got to the finals, winning all three of their first games (the second one was against us). The finals came down to the last rock on the last end with Doug’s team with the hammer. Unfortunately for them, Mike missed the last shot (equivalent to the one he had just made previous), but considering that this was their first time playing as well, and that the team they were up against had several regulars, they did pretty well.

Anyway, we’re in the middle of painting Niamh’s room now. We should probably have it done some time in the middle of next week (before I have to put on the holter monitor). That’s it for now, have a great weekend!