It’s been a week now. Busy, as usual and becoming even more busy at work for the time being, but all is well. Throughout the week we’ve been working on painting Niamh’s room to get it ready for her to have all to herself (and leaving our room all to ourselves). Yesterday night I did my best to seal up the leak that we have coming from the upstairs shower. I cut a hole in the ceiling and tightened up the gap a bit where it was leaking and then caulked the gap to make sure nothing else could leak from it. Now we’ll have to see how well it works before I can close up the hole. Later, the wind was howling past the house and blowing hard against the main wall of Williams bedroom. He couldn’t seem to draw the courage to fall asleep, so we let him sleep in our bed for the night. I’m not sure if that was a great idea, but half-way through the night I had to leave him in our bed and slept in his instead, since he is much to restless to allow me to sleep very well. In any case, he’s sleeping in his own bed tonight, as letting him sleep in our bed could become a bad habit for him if we allow it too often.

Today we went Christmas shopping with Alana’s family. This will have been the last year that we will do so as it is starting to get to become too expensive for Alana’s grandparents, aunts and uncles with all the children that are coming into the family. It’s a long day of walking around the mall with everyone, picking out presents according to an alloted amount of money, but at least we do get to spend some time with each other while we are looking around. Next year we will be doing a gift exchange instead, as we do with my side of the family. Gift exchanges are nice because they require everyone to focus on the needs of one other person in the family in a way that may not have been possible if such a focus was not given.

I finally got to take my monitor off today for the 48-hour test of my heart rhythm. On Monday I will have to bring the monitor back to the hospital so that they can download the results and analyze them. For now, though, I’m just happy that I am allowed to take a shower again.

I just finished watching coverage of the Liberal leadership convention. Looks like the new leader of the Liberal party is Stephan Dion. I’m not sure how well the Canadian public will take to a campaign that looks like it will be grounded to a large degree on issues relating to global warming, but who knows what the public is capable of finding important – it certainly sells in the newspapers… But that’s enough of that for the moment – the more important issues at the moment will be posted on next…