NUREMBERG, March 15, 2007 ( – In a hand-written letter secretly passed by her to members of the International Human Rights Group (IHRG) in Germany, Melissa Busekros the 15-year-old who was removed from her family by police for having been homeschooled, begged for assistance to return to her parents.

In the letter, dated March 12, 2007, Melissa relates, “I was taken away from my family on the first February 2007 and brought with more than 15 police men to the psychiatry in Nuremberg.”

She explains, “There I was 2 weeks, I was brought there because I was homeschooled 2 ½ years. Now I am in a foster-family and I am allowed to see my parents only a week.”

Those visits, according to IHRG last only one hour and are held at a public building since she is being held against her will at a foster home the location of which is kept secret from her parents. At that public place on Tuesday, Melissa was able to speak briefly with an IHRG member and hand over her letter.

“I want to ask you for help, to get my right to go back to my family, as I wish,” she writes. “I am not sick as the doctor said and my family is the best place for me to live.”

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