On Wednesday, my brother Doug’s wife gave birth at around 10:00 pm to a healthy baby girl. It was about a 12-hour labour experience, I hear, but I don’t have much details on everything yet. From what I have heard, my niece has been named Kaitlin (I’m still not absolutely sure of the spelling yet), and she was delivered at 7 lb 4 oz.

Elaine has not had an easy time, and is not having an easy time at the moment. After giving birth, she had about three seizures either that night, or throughout the night. She has been dealing with the effects of HELLP Syndrome, which is a pretty serious condition, so she hasn’t been allowed any visitors as they need her to rest so that they can properly support the affected systems. Alana visited the hospital last night with my mother to see the baby and talk to my brother (I had to watch the kids at home). She told me that Elaine hadn’t suffered any seizures yesterday, so hopefully that’s a good sign. Please pray for her and for my brother through this difficult time.