I do not enjoy arguing about women in office, but I do believe that the position given in the Bible is clear on the issue as concerns eldership and certain other forms of church leadership. Given the current situation in our church, however, I do believe it would be pertinent for me to address the issue upfront. Hopefully anyone who decides to read this blog will bless me with their insights and correction where necessary.

As I understand it, the current situation is as follows: Yesterday morning, names for elders and deacons were drawn by lot from a short-list of candidates to determine who would be commissioned to each post. The list for elders was composed entirely of men, so this did not create any problems with regards to their election to office. However, the list of deacons was comprised of three men and three women, two of whom were to be chosen. At the end of the lot casting, one man and one woman were chosen. This would be the first time that a woman has been chosen for the office of deacon in our church, and this might not be a cause for concern otherwise, except for the fact that in our church structure, the deacons hold voting positions in the church council. The issue, then, is not so much about women serving in the office of deacon, but rather, about their exercise of authority in the church as deacons.

I’ll be posting in the next couple of weeks on this subject, and would love to hear anyone’s thoughts concerning this subject. In the meantime, I’d like to provide a few links relevant to a biblical understanding of sexual complementarity (including an understanding of roles in the church) as addressed by John Piper (these are audio MP3s), plus another link, as mentioned in the series:

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