Well, the first two baseball games of the season were fun. Last week’s preliminary game only went to three innings, so we played the entire game over on Wednesday. As a first game, this one didn’t go too badly. We played my brother Doug’s team, which is probably going to be the best team in the league and we only lost by a few runs (24-19), and were leading until about the 7th inning. I didn’t get a lot of fielding action, but that was alright, since my right elbow was bothering me from the practice on Sunday and agitated from the workout the day before (Tuesday). In terms of hitting, I think I was 3 for 6, but I could be wrong on that since I wasn’t paying too much attention that game. Usually the first game back is my worst, so let’s hope that’s true.

Yesterday we played our second game, and this was a little better. We won something like 25 to 15 and there wasn’t too much in the way of obstacles for us to overcome to win the game. I went 5 for 6 with my first triple of the season, and fielded a few balls. My elbow still hurt, which may be one of the reasons that I struck out for the first time in a while (over-anticipation was also a factor, I’m sure). All-in-all it was pretty fun, and now I get a week to rest my arm before the next game on Wednesday.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Michigan to visit my Aunt on the American long weekend. I’m taking Tuesday off work so that we won’t spend most of our weekend driving. Hopefully they won’t give us too much of a hassle at the border for not having Niamh’s passport yet, or even her birth certificate. We sent out for it a while back, but since there’s such a backlog on it, they haven’t arrived yet. The only option, then, was for Alana to go to the hospital to have them draw up a special certificate to prove that Niamh was born in Canada and that we’re her parents. 35$ later, we should be alright, but I’d rather have the passport…