Yesterday’s game was a pretty close match. We started out falling behind quite a bit, but then picked up the defense and nearly evened up the score in the end. We lost 10-8 (I believe), down by two runs. After the first and second inning, Matt (the coach) told me to play in a little closer and to the left in the outfield (playing right-field). Undoubtedly this was a good decision, as most of the players weren’t able to place it very well in that field, and it forced the rover to play mostly in the left field – covering more of the field better. This meant, of course, that I had to handle more of the field, but even so, I didn’t see much action. After that point there were only two hits to right field: one that I caught, and another that was short and on the line that I may have been able to catch if I were a bit more to the right – but you have to play the odds and make them fight for their hits…

Hitting-wise, I was three for four. The out was a beautiful hit to the far mid-right gap, but an even more impressive catch by the outfielder on the other team. How he got to that ball, I’m not sure, but he made another similar catch on another one of our players a little later, so you have to give him the credit for some great plays.

Next game is Tuesday.