Just read this:

Council of Europe Officially Condemns Creationism and I.D.

If I wasn’t aware of the blindness that sin produces, I would have great difficulty in understanding how such shallow, illogical views could possibly be entertained in the minds of anyone who had the slightest degree of intellect. But here we have it: we are told that we must fight against allowing Creationist and Intelligent Design views to be expounded because otherwise we’ll lose our political freedoms. We are told that the views of the political right must be suppressed in the name of political freedom. And we are told that Evolutionary ideology shouldn’t play a role in politics, but that it nevertheless provides key insights into human psychology and the development of moral viewpoints. It is this kind of illogic that results from serving the god of falsehood and immorality. May the one True and Almighty God have mercy on our world and provide a renewal of His Spirit in this Western society – we surely do need it.