June 25, 2007 (MSN) – … Earlier, delegates had deciding that blessing same-sex unions would not conflict with the Church’s core doctrine. But the final motion — that clergy should be allowed to perform such blessings — was defeated…

Speakers at the annual meeting were torn over the issue and debated whether to even hold the vote this weekend.

“Sin is still sin, and to bless sin would be a disaster to our church,” Rev. David Parsons, a minister for 28 years, warned attendees ahead of the vote.

“Jesus Christ is my one and only saviour, this Bible is trustworthy, and I urge you brothers and sisters to listen to it.”

Others were more supportive of the blessings.

Archdeacon Karl McLean, a colonel with the Canadian Forces, said the church should bless same-sex relationships that are monogamous and committed…

Canada’s Evangelical Lutheran church, which is also meeting in Winnipeg this weekend, rejected same sex blessings in a vote held Saturday.

Pratt said the issue would be a source of continuing debate among clergy, despite Sunday’s vote…

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