Alana and I took the weekend to relax for once. It was William’s 3rd birthday yesterday – he would say he’s “six” for some reason. He still doesn’t really get the concept of a birthday it would seem, given that he was sort of indifferent to the whole thing leading up to his birthday. Next year he’ll probably be more excited, but he did like opening presents. He got some board games, a comic book, and two toys that blow bubbles for his birthday. One of the toys was a spider-man toy that had spider-man blowing the bubbles, while the other was a lawn mower that blew bubbles. I think he likes the lawn mower one quite a bit.

For Moorfield, our team played an exhibition game against the other team from the Marsh. I missed the game last week, in which we mixed up the players from both teams for some reason, but was their this week. The game went into extra innings after our team finally tied the game 28 all in the ninth inning and shut them down in the bottom of the inning. The tenth inning we got two runs in the top only to be matched by two in the bottom of the inning. In the eleventh inning my brother Doug got a double first up. I followed that up by getting thrown out at first with my hit, but that ended up scoring Doug, so we were up by one. The next two batters got out, so we went to the bottom up by one. The first two hits went straight to Josh in center-field. The third hit was a double, and the fourth went straight to Matt for the throw-out on first. I think that’s the first time our team won in all of our exhibition games and it was nice and close, so we all got some good practice and had fun. The tournament is next week Saturday all day. Hopefully we’re better prepared this year.