Well, after the past five days I’m all baseballed out for the time being. Five games on Saturday, one on Monday, and one yesterday. The games Monday and Wednesday went fairly well. We won the game on Monday and lost the one last night. All-in-all, I was 6 hits in 10 at bats, I believe – four of those coming Monday, and only two last night. In the fourth inning on Monday I threw my arm out a bit in the elbow and wasn’t able to play outfield for the rest of the game (though hitting was still okay, somehow). I played back catcher for the rest of the game. Last night I wrapped my elbow with a tensor bandage, which seemed to help a bit. Mostly played second base that game, which was fine, with a bit of outfield.

At the end of the game yesterday one of the players was fairly upset at the umpire for making bad calls. Some of the calls were pretty close, so you have to give it to the umpire, a couple may have been purely bad calls, but I think the reason he got as so upset was probably the tone of the umpire when he responded. Two of the players were so upset that they didn’t shake hands with the other team in the end. Hopefully clearer heads will prevail during the rest of the season. Baseball is more fun when it’s not taken quite so seriously. It’s difficult, of course, not to take certain things too seriously (especially with the adrenaline pumping) – I’m well aware of that for myself – but it will make things more enjoyable in the end if we don’t get too worked up over little things (it doesn’t help us play any better, anyway).

A week of rest, finally…