Today is Niamh’s (my daughter’s) first birthday. The year went by pretty quickly and all things are going well. She still has a heart murmur and might need surgery within the next year if it doesn’t heal on its own, but her other issues are getting better. She’s not liking being away from her mother for two days of the week now, but I don’t think she minds too much being with her grandmother for those two days. At any rate she is developing well enough, despite the fact that she hasn’t found a need to walk or crawl yet (she likes to sit in one place and spin around on her bum) – perhaps she’ll see more of a need for it when Alana isn’t holding her quite as much. Her birthday party is on Saturday, and although she probably won’t care much about it, the rest of us are sure to have a lot of fun. 😉 Perhaps I’ll have to post another picture of her some time soon.

Other than that, we played baseball last night, and lost in a close match 26-24. My feilding was fine, but I wasn’t happy with my hitting. I went 3 for 6, but even that should have been 2 for 6 if it wasn’t for a botched play on an easy pop-up by the other team. I guess I need to relax a bit more at the plate. Matt hit four home runs, Paul hit three, and Josh hit two, so it wasn’t like we didn’t have any firepower in the game, though. Josh’s second home run caused a nasty injury. The right fielder went after the ball hard, but didn’t notice the fence until the last second. He smacked right into the fence and one of the barbs at the top tore into his forehead, probably requiring a few stitches. We should really get some plastic tubing put on the top of the fence, it’s a bit dangerous. Other than the stitches and a bit of disorientation, though, it seems as though he was fine. Even though we lost, we were happy about the game for the most part. We kept it close and played pretty well overall.