BEIJING, August 7, 2007 ( – Citing growing public opposition to its official one-child policy, China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission has instructed its officials to replace its previous threatening propaganda slogans with more friendly choices. While retaining the policy itself, which has, by the government’s own admission, resulted in the death by abortion of over 300 million people, the Commission has issued a list of slogans that it says will improve public relations…

The old slogans, painted on walls and houses, bluntly threatened, “Those who do not follow the one-child policy will see their homes collapsed and families broken.”

Others read, “One more baby means one more tomb,” and “Houses toppled, cows confiscated, if abortion demand rejected,” and “Better to let blood turn into a river than to add a new person to our population.”

The new list of 190 approved slogans are so warm and friendly, in fact, that they omit mention of the one-child police altogether. Playing on the propaganda of the environmentalist movement, one reads, “Mother Earth is exhausted, no longer able to bear with more children.” The abortion mentality is in evidence still, however, with its implication that children are a form of disposable luxury product. One slogan with clear eugenic overtones reads, “High-quality babies, fewer daily troubles.”…

Demographers estimate that the population of China has reached a median age of 33 and with fewer children being born, the population is rapidly aging. With fewer workers coming of age to replace existing workers, the ratio of workers to dependents in China will peak in 2010. The following decline will leave a dangerous shrinking number of workers to support China’s vast aging population which some predict will be eliminated via widespread euthanasia.

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