August 12, 2007 (Post-Darwinist) – A film to be premiered February 12, 2008, on 1000 screens across the United States, stars Ben Stein, defending the intelligent design theorists…

Expelled takes dead aim at the American elections in 2008 (in which intelligent design vs. evolution has already become an issue.)…

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed stars Ben Stein in old-fashioned student dress, getting himself kicked out of school, and taking dead aim at the American elections in 2008 (intelligent design vs. evolution has already become an issue.)

This is the site: which will go live with more info shortly.

The film, directed by Nathan Frankowski, features people like Rick Sternberg, Guillermo Gonzalez, and Caroline Crocker, scientists victimized by the Darwin cult. Stein also confronts a number of cultists, including the Smithsonian congregation that drove out Rick Sternberg (and called security on the film crew), as well as Richard Dawkins.

It is first and foremost the brainchild of software developer Walt Ruloff who found himself rich and idle in the early 1990s at the age of 32 – after he sold his software to Microsoft. Then he discovered the intelligent design controversy.

The film has already received endorsements from Michael Medved, Peter Furler (of Newsboys)and J.I.Packer. It is not funded by Discovery Institute but by software entrepreneur Ruloff who lives on Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada, and a team of supporters.

The filmmakers plan to use viral marketing, as well as other strategies, to ensure that EXPELLED reaches students. The campaign is directed by Motive Entertainment, “the company behind the grass roots campaign for Hollywood blockbusters such as The Passion of the Christ & The Chronicles of Narnia.”…

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