After a while, I’ve trimmed down my podcast list a bit and added some to the point where I’m satisfied for now with the ones I currently have listed. Here they are:

Creationism / Intelligent Design:

Intelligent Design the Future

Around the World with AIG’s Ken Ham

Family and Politics:

Focus on the Family

Family Policy Matters

Christian Apologetics:

The Dividing Line (James White)

Just Thinking (Ravi Zacharias)

Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharias)

Radio Ministries:

Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

Desiring God Radio (John Piper)

Renewing Your Mind (R.C. Sproul)

Grace To You (John MacArthur)

Note: You can download Juice here to automatically download the podcasts, and you can download WinAmp here to listen to the files if you do not already have them.