No, it’s not about the movie, and it’s not my batting average this year. It’s the 300th post so far… But while I’m at it, a baseball update is a bit overdue, I suppose.

Last week we lost by a fair margin (33-5), we didn’t even get one run until the 7th inning. It was pretty horrible, but we took it pretty well, given that we couldn’t do much else than laugh at it. We were happy not to end up with the lowest runs in the league at least. I went 2 for 4 and played well enough in the outfield. The infield was a bit weak, but we all played better this week on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s game went pretty well, although we lost by one run (19-18). Our fielding was pretty decent, despite an error here or there, and our hitting was pretty good, though not as good as it has been at times. I went 4 for 5 on the night. Matt hit a grand slam to break out of his mini-slump (if you can call one game a slump). There were a couple of bad calls by the ump against both teams, and Josh seemed to be certain that the other team only had 16 runs before the bottom of the 9th (rather than 18), but it doesn’t much matter – it’s not like we’re making a run for a first-place ranking or anything (I don’t think we could even attain .500 this year if we won the rest of our games – maybe .300, though…