Yesterday’s game didn’t really mean a whole lot, given the circumstances, but we did win, nevertheless. On my way to the game, walking to the diamond, I noticed one of the players from the other team being carried off. I didn’t see anything happen, so I asked one of our teammates, and he told me that the other player had broken their ankle on a hole in the ground in the outfield. He must have twisted it in just the wrong way as he was running to catch a ball during practice. This meant that our opposition, who only had seven players before practice, ended up with only six players after practice. The minimum number of players required to not forfeit is seven, but we played anyway – it’s not like they didn’t have seven players before the game, just that one got injured right away – so we supplied a back-catcher for them.

The first few innings went pretty badly. We let in about seven or eight runs in the first three innings and only scored a couple. Josh, playing back-catcher for the other team made an out on a pop-fly, and most of our hits were going straight to the infielders. It wasn’t until two more players joined the other team (making eight) that our bats got going a little better. Matt hit three home runs in a row. Josh hit one or two, and Paul hit two. I went five for five on the night, and we quickly took the lead. One ball was hit to me in outfield that was a hard line drive, which I strove to get to, dove at, and just got a little piece of the ball off the end of my glove, but didn’t make the catch. Despite the miss, and the fact that the grass was all wet, and now so was I, and the fact that my knee banged into the ground a bit, it didn’t much matter. I just wish I had gotten that extra half-step.

As the game went on, it quickly became apparent that we wouldn’t be able to finish the whole game. It was starting to get dark, and things were getting difficult to see. The last thing we wanted was for another player to get injured at this point, so after the top of the seventh inning the game was called. We had gotten a bit of a late start because the other team had had one player injured and because they didn’t really have the minimum amount of players required, and we don’t have lights (yet), so the night came upon us rather quickly. All-in-all, we played well in the end, but didn’t take it as too much of an accomplishment. We were happy enough to play, though, given the less-than-optimal turnout…