Well, the baseball season is now completely over with all the playoffs played through. Friday night and Saturday were the two days in which the competition was ended, but I only got a chance to play in half of the four games my team was scheduled to play.

Our first game was on Friday night. The wind beat against us and rain came upon us once or twice, but only for a brief time. The wind was worse, in terms of play, since the pitches are slow pitches and the wind causes the ball to drop quickly as it comes to the plate. Since I sometimes wait it out a little longer than others to hit the ball into the opposite field, I tended to hit above the ball rather than just below its center, and as a result, most of the balls were hit into the ground. So much so that the first ball hit dropped directly in front of the plate and just sat there – I didn’t have much of a chance on that one. The next one I got under a bit, but too much and popped it up. Then the third I grounded to the shortstop, and the final at bat I hit fairly well on the third pitch, but my brother Phil (we were playing Doug and Phil’s team that night) made an excellent catch to somewhat get me back for the catch I made on his hit.

I wasn’t able to play in the third or fourth game, because I had to go to my co-worker Patrick’s wedding, (which was very nice, but not quite as fun as it would have been if Alana were there with me instead of  having to watch the kids). I was able to watch a bit of the third inning of our third game, though and our team was already behind by quite a bit. Before I left, Matt hit a grand-slam home run, and even though our team was still behind, I thought it was good to leave on a high note.

When I got back I found out that we lost our third game as well, but since we had already lost the first two games, we were already out of the running. On the flip side, though, my brother Doug’s team did win the entire tournament on a home run from Mike VD trailing with two out in the ninth. So congrats to him and his team for a great season. Ours was less inspiring, but we did get a have a lot of fun anyway!