I’m starting to get sick of receiving these spam comments every day. It’s nice to get an occasional comment on some posting or another, and I wouldn’t care much if there were plenty of them to approve, but lately I’ve been getting four or five spam comments every day and from the same source. I can’t filter these out in any was as far as I can tell (I have tried, but it only blocks reads, and one could always get around that by looking at cached links in Google).

The main reason that I require comments to be approved by myself in this journal is just to filter out spam comments such as these. The first one I received linked to some site that I certainly would never want to endorse in any respect, so that is why they are being filtered now. If anyone’s comments take longer to be approved than expected, my apologies – my enthusiasm for weeding through the spam comments has certainly diminished. Perhaps they (journalspace) will fix this soon.