Well, the election went pretty much as I expected it would go, given the numbers that were coming in before the election day. The Liberals won, once again, gaining a few seats, and the Conservative candidate won in our riding. I’m not really happy or unhappy about the results. I didn’t like any of the main candidates, so I didn’t vote for them, but I knew my vote wouldn’t make much of a difference this time. When all of the party leaders espouse a liberal ideology, it’s almost as if the election is useless.

Perhaps the Conservative party will pick a leader that doesn’t head up the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto next time, and perhaps if they do decide to deal with the funding of faith-based, private schools next time, they’ll think it through so that they can make at least one group of voters happy (that would be, either to ignore the issue – which would satisfy most of the Liberal voters, but not those who send their children to faith-based, private schools – which is likely what they will do, or only go for partial funding with no strings attached – which would partially satisfy the Liberal voters, and would satisfy most of the voters who send their children to faith-based, private schools). I guess we’ll see…

As for the MMP voting system, not very many people supported the new system. It got less than 40% of the votes and only two or so ridings. Nowhere near the 60% and 50% of ridings required to pass. Some complain that this means that none understood the system well enough to vote for it, but I think it’s more likely that those who did understand it understood that it took away a great deal of accountability, and was a rather undemocratic system. At least I’m glad of one of the two results.

Other than that, I tried to move the phone line on Monday and failed. I ended up having a house with no working phone. I talked to Mathew at work and he suggested a few things. It turned out that the phone jack was broken (by me, likely), so I just needed to use a different jack, and now everything works fine. Nice that I didn’t have to call Bell to fix it – that would have been a bit expensive. It’s bad enough that we have to call someone in to fix our gas furnace tomorrow (yes, it’s been a cold couple of days here with just a small electrical heater). It wasn’t much of a big deal until this past week, since it’s been so hot, but it’s getting fairly cold now, so some heat would be nice!