Answers in Genesis is excited to announce the launch of its online technical journal, Answers Research Journal. ARJ is a professional, peer-reviewed technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and other relevant research from the perspective of the recent Creation and the global Flood within a biblical framework. All published papers may be freely copied, downloaded, quoted, and distributed for non-commercial and non-sale purposes (as long as the author of each publication is clearly identified, Answers Research Journal is acknowledged as the publication, and the integrity of the work is not compromised).

There has been a pressing need for such a journal. Online publishing speeds up the publication process so that the latest cutting-edge creationist research is available more quickly. Online publication also allows for the use of color and other features that enhance the quality of the presentation. Being freely available, papers can be downloaded, copied, and shared without any restrictions, so that the research is far more easily and widely disseminated…

ARJ will disseminate research conducted by creationist experts in theology, history, archaeology, anthropology, biology, geology, astronomy, and other disciplines of science by providing scientists, students, and supporters the results of cutting-edge research that demonstrates the validity of the young-earth model, the global Flood, the non-evolutionary origin of “created kinds,” and other evidences that are consistent with the biblical account of origins.

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