Five states are currently considering adoption of academic freedom legislation designed to protect teachers who teach both the scientific strengths and weaknesses of evolutionary theory. Introduction of similar legislation is being considered by legislators in several other states, indicating the national scope of this movement…

Many of the bills have been adapted from sample legislation developed by Discovery Institute, including a model statute posted online at

New developments include:

Today, there will be a legislative hearing on Missouri’s academic freedom bill.

Tuesday, an academic freedom bill was introduced in Michigan, bringing the number of states currently considering legislation to five.

Monday, the Louisiana state Senate passed an academic freedom bill 35-0.

Also on Monday, the Florida House passed a bill 71-43 that would require inclusion of scientific criticisms of Darwin’s theory in the classroom. The Florida Senate previously passed an academic freedom bill that would protect the rights of teachers to do this. The two bodies must now reconcile their bills before the end of this year’s legislative session.

Last week, an academic freedom bill was introduced in Alabama.

Recently, a movie focused on academic freedom, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, has raised public awareness of attacks on educators and scientists who question Darwin’s theory of evolution. Since the film first began screening for private audiences, and since its public opening in theaters earlier this month, there has been growing support for academic freedom acts to protect teachers who want to teach both the scientific evidence for and against Darwinism.

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