Well, the baseball season has started once again and once again I’m on one of my brothers teams. This time it’s on my brother Doug’s team. This season our team has probably the greatest amount of my brothers on it that we’ve ever had. Chris, Doug, Phil, and I are on the same team, and only my brother Matthew is not included, but he’s a coach for another team so it would be impossible for all of us to be on the same team. At any rate, it looks like a team is pretty good this year, Doug seems to have picked a good bunch of players. Most of the players are pretty good hitters, and for the most part they don’t seem to want to throw the ball away every time they get it.

So far we’ve played three games this season, and we’ve won all three. The first team we played was my brother Matt’s team, and we had a bit of a slow start but we picked up quite a bit before the end. I went four for seven with three singles and one double and played alright in the field. Doug got about three home runs, Phil got one, and Chris played pretty well considering he hasn’t played in the past several years.

The second game was last Thursday. Again we got off to a slow start but picked it up as the game went on.   I went six for seven all singles and play pretty decently in the field. We got about 28 runs in total, which is probably about 12 runs below what we had in the first game but still enough to pull out the win. In general I think we made it a little bit rusty but so is everyone also didn’t make too much of a difference.

The third game was last night. I started off with a triple, then got a double, and then a single, so after that I was going for the cycle. The next two at-bats I got singles – the second one I was looking for the home run but ran down to the last pitch so I just went with for the hit. On the sixth at bat I hit it hard to the fence, but just wasn’t able to clear it, so I got a double instead. For the last at bat, I just wanted to pull it down the right-field line, but I stretched too much for the ball (should have let it go), and didn’t get much on it for the out. Not bad, though, six for seven with a triple and two doubles was good enough for me. Fielding was fine, and we all played a decent game, so we came out on top by 10-12 runs, once again.

It should be an interesting season. We’ve got 14 games left before the playoffs, so we’re about 1/5th of the way through. Lots of exercise, though. It makes me think I should do a little bit of cardio, just so that I don’t die out at the end of the game. We’ll see. Plenty of fun, either way…