In Canada, the awarding of the nation’s highest civilian honor to notorious abortionist and actively hostile foe of all religion, Henry Morgentaler, has ignited widespread protest against the suitability of such a person for the award. There appears to be widespread disgust, even among many Canadians who are not ardent pro-lifers, over the Order of Canada Advisory Committee’s sneaking through of this unexpected recognition of the abortion activist during Canada’s major national long holiday weekend.
Adding insult to injury, the head of the Advisory Committee, Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, actively participated in the action which would appear to be a serious conflict of interest from which she should have removed herself. Her approval of the award, and the apparent unprecedented change to the unanimous vote tradition that brought it about, could easily be seen to contradict the decision that struck down Canada’s abortion law in 1988.

The Supreme Court justices in 1988 ruled that there was “a legitimate government interest in protecting the unborn” and they encouraged Parliament to draft a new law that would not violate the technicalities under which the old law was struck down. Henry Morgentaler, however, has always opposed any and all legal restrictions on abortion while insisting that governments fully pay for every abortion and for any reason…

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Numerous MPs are criticizing the decision to give the Order of Canada to Dr. Henry Morgentaler for various reasons, saying the award was given in a controversial and underhanded manner, that the choice of recipient divides rather than unites Canadians and that giving the award to Morgentaler essentially debases the award itself. These same MPs are urging their constituents to immediately contact the Governor General’s office (see end of article for contact info) in order to express their disappointment and to urge the Governor General to revoke the award…

“Appointees to the Order of Canada should be seen by a clear majority of Canadians as being noble and beyond reproach. Since this is not the case with Dr. Morgentaler, he should not be considered for our highest civilian award. I find myself now questioning the Order of Canada and its very legitimacy as a voice for all Canadians.”…

As quoted by the Globe and Mail, Paul Steckle, Liberal MP for Huron-Bruce, Ontario, said the appointment of Morgentaler debases the Order of Canada: “It diminished in my mind what we think the Order of Canada stands for.”…

To contact the Governor General’s office:

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A1
(613) 993-8200

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Well, what does awarding Morgentaler the Order of Canada say about Canada?

It says that the new Canada — the Canada of Michaelle Jean, and Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin (who chaired the selection committee) and the mummers who sat on the committee are as like the old Canada as, in Hamlet’s words, “am I to Hercules.” In old Canada, Morgentaler was prosecuted and sent to jail for performing illegal abortions. But that was in another era and, as far as I’m concerned, another country — a country as dead as any of the recipients of Morgentaler’s attentions…

The Canada where I was born, where I was educated and grew to manhood, came to an end at about the time of the Supreme Court of Canada’s Morgentaler decision (1988). I do not suggest any cause and effect; that would be to give undue weight to one ludicrous Supreme Court decision, one of many the court has made since judges became infatuated with the Charter of Rights. What I do assert is that the Canada I am sometimes inclined fondly to remember ended at about that time…

“To [governments] is committed the responsibility of safeguarding the common good.… Never allow the morals of your people to be undermined … Never tolerate those practices which are opposed to the natural law of God.”

And — might I add — do not honour men without honour.

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